About The Tranquilo Traveler and Joshua Berman

t r a n * q u i * l o adj: calm, mellow, free from harshness; laid-back, unhurried and relaxed; “tranquilo como camilo”; open to unexpected travel suggestions.


The Tranquilo Traveler is a celebration of voluntourism, slow travel, and other interesting ways to see the world. It is a window to my travels (especially to Nicaragua and Belize) and an update on my books and articles. I am a self-employed freelance travel writer and guidebook author, specializing in Belize, Nicaragua, and Colorado, especially alternative/sustainable tourism, adventure/experiential travel, Spanish schools, expat life, volunteer/study/work abroad, environmental issues, and international development.

Contacting me about writing: I love hearing from other writers, from professional colleagues, and aspiring scribes alike—whether you are looking for career advice, collaboration, or contacts. Please feel free to email me. I’m also happy to hear from: journalists looking for expert commentary; companies looking to hire me as a consultant or speak at your event; producers who would like me to appear as a guest on your radio/TV show; film producers searching for locations and a fixer in Belize or Nicaragua.

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Contact me: jberman (at) gmail (dot) com

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